ERP解决方案, 设计于30年前, are deployed behind the four walls of your organization and do a poor job of communicating with your other systems or those of your trading partners.

One Network technology and platform is designed to enable an unlimited number of trading partners to work together to satisfy the needs of their end customer—whether that be an individual consumer, 医学患者, 或者一个购买组织.

这种方法并不能反映当今全球化环境下的商业运作方式, 这个高度互联, 不稳定的市场. Our platform was designed to enable an unlimited number of trading partners to work together to satisfy the needs of their end customer—whether that be an individual consumer, 医学患者, 或者一个购买组织. This “consumer-driven” approach means that you need only connect once to our platform to do business with any other organizations on the network.

今天, 来自不同行业的领导人,包括CPG, 零售, 汽车, 制药, 物流 , and 政府 space are using our platform together with their trading partners to satisfy their end customer. 我们如何支持这么多行业?

答案是,我们在平台上提供支持独特流程的行业模型, 数据格式, 以及在特定行业中发现的交易集, 并模仿所有行业参与者. 在这些核心之上, 我们的社区成员已经使用了我们提供的模块, 通过“一个网络生态系统”提供, 或者建立自己的.



强大的分析可以让您实时了解整个供应链. One Network不是一个标准的商用现货供应商. COTS products are monolithic, slow to deploy, and disconnected from the rest of your legacy systems. 使用COTS,即使是一个中等规模的项目,通常也需要两年的时间才能完成. 这就是为什么市场越来越觉得COTS已经过时了. 等我们的客户找到我们,y are often hundreds of millions of dollars into their investment with no end in sight. 市场需要一种不同的方式.

有了ONE,他们可以快速部署他们的商业应用程序,通常不到六个月. One Network的平台也为应用开发者提供了快速增值的时间. 我们平均看到开发人员生产率提高了30-50%, 并将持续支持成本降低50-70%. In contrast to the closed and proprietary systems they are typically forced to use with other enterprise systems, One Network developers use open standards that enable them to get their app up and running much faster than on other platforms.


构建自己的模块, 与ONE合作,扩展我们现有的模块,以满足您的独特需求, 或者利用我们的合作伙伴生态系统,让别人为你构建它.

You want to keep moving forward, but you also want to leverage your past technology investments. 我们采用模块化的COTS工具,而不是单一的COTS工具. One Network’s unique modular approach offers you unprecedented flexibility and rapid time to value.

我们的模块可以快速部署在敏捷方法和. 瀑布式方法. 这意味着你不是在做任何事情之前就想清楚所有的事情, we’ll deploy your set of modules in an agile methodology deploying monthly sprints with 6 month production release on average. 我们可以每次只做一个模块,并且可以在进行过程中进行更改.

您可以在我们支持的开发环境中构建自己的模块, 与ONE合作,扩展我们现有的模块,以满足您的独特需求, 或者利用我们的合作伙伴生态系统,让别人为你构建它. 无论你选择哪条路, 您使用的任何模块都将向后兼容它下面的所有模块. 这意味着您的IT计划将随着时间的推移而发展势头, 而不是在几年后停滞不前.


There’s no need for contorted business processes contrived to work with rigid technology. 随着One Network灵活的平台和定制模块,技术适应您.

All technology platforms are defined by the different choices its architects make at their creation. 随着时间的推移,这些差异变得越来越明显. One Network’s founders had the foresight to start with a PaaS framework supported by a common data model built by industry and support a true many-to-many model.

我们提供了一系列定义数据模型的行业核心, 主数据, 事务性业务流按行业工作. 目前已经部署和正在使用的行业核心包括 汽车, U.S. 国防部, 零售, 消费产品、食品服务、 医疗/制药 和人道主义援助.

On top of these industry cores we offer a set of modules that we support and that you can use as-is or can be extended as needed. 这包括许多引擎,支持几乎任何供应链过程(如.g. 规划, 补充, 订单管理, 物流, 运输), and many others that optimize a variety of multi-party processes outside of supply chain. 如果我们没有您需要的特定模块,您可以轻松构建自己的模块.

All our engines are based on the concept of automated agents that enable you to automate complex business processes and to dynamically affect execution problems and fix them continuously and incrementally. One Network offers the market the first suite of decision making and automated execution systems.

嵌入到我们的平台和任何模块的可选添加都是我们的 社交应用-使网络内的非结构化通信和协作成为可能. 今天’s employees have embraced today’s social media tools to stay connected in their personal lives. 有了我们的社交应用,他们现在可以在工作中做同样的事情. 社交应用可以直接绑定到所有的工作流和交易中, and are also being made available to its community of developers for use in third party applications built on One Network’s cloud platform.


点击了解更多. Dev Net允许您轻松定制One Network模块,或者从头构建自己的模块.

One Network’s platform and all of its modules are built in a development environment called DevNet and with a tool kit that is based on an open system and an open set of standards that allow anyone to build their own module. 今天, 独立的应用程序开发者正在构建模块, 内部IT部门, 当然还有One Network自己的团队.

Our platform contains a very robust framework for building you own agents and for building user experiences so that you can create an approach that allows you to determine the user experience that’s extensible, 适应性强的, 和可互换的.



连接到任何东西,并在所有系统中获得可见性. 一切都将被集成,因为所有遗留系统都将输入相同的数据模型, 事务模型, 并使用相同的基于代理的框架. 你可以构建自己的引擎, 编写你自己的执行服务, and it all runs on the same transaction processes data model that was built for your industry.

A key advantage to such an industry operating backbone is that no longer do you have to change your processes to accommodate the technology. One Network’s unique “Tunable System of Control” capability enables you to assign system of record responsibility to each state and action in a process to either our platform or another application. 结果是我们的平台管理端到端流程, 但是,在适当的情况下,预先存在的系统可以处理中间步骤. This “embrace or replace” approach allows companies to leverage any local systems until they require replacement, 届时,我们的平台可以承担越来越多的责任.