数字转换 in Supply Chain 管理

Harness the power of business network technology, AI, 以及实时决策和自主供应链管理的优化

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You already know that having hundreds of siloed, enterprise-centric systems is no way to run a business. 你听到客户大声而清晰地要求实时响应的呼声, and you know your legacy systems can’t cope. 您意识到需要在整个公司以及与合作伙伴之间进行更好的协作和可见性, 在供应中断和需求变化的情况下,你需要更强的韧性. You also know that huge cost savings are possible.

To get there, things have to change. One Network的平台使之成为可能,我们的专家随时准备提供帮助.

What is 数字转换?

数字转型是指利用数字技术彻底改造公司的经营方式, 为了更有效率, 敏捷, 和响应, in order to deliver higher value to customers at lower cost. 很少有哪个行业能比供应链更能从数字化中获益. 潜在的价值锁定在缓慢和低效的过程中, compounded across many trading partners, 是巨大的.

A digital transformation is not just a technology upgrade. 这是一种持续不断的态度,随时准备适应和响应日益快速变化的商业环境和不确定的未来.

Digital transformations are difficult to pull off. You need to keep your core business running and optimized, 同时执行涉及公司各个方面的数字计划, along with mastering new technologies and skills. One Network is here to help with technology, 专家服务, 以及经过验证的“双平台战略”,以确保数字化项目的成功.

Take a Dual Platform Approach

通过多企业平台安装业务网络层,可以使您的数字化转型变得清晰, 系统的方式. One Network为计划和执行提供完整的端到端供应链功能——从入站供应到出站订单履行和物流.

随着时间的推移,开始将业务功能转移到网络层. 当您消除时间延迟、成本和库存缓冲区时,这将释放巨大的价值. We've seen this time and time again in our customer base.

关键是要以与您的优先级匹配的方式将功能转移到业务网络层. 我们称之为a “tunable system of control” 因为你决定. 你可以采取系统的, phased approach that lowers risk and is self-funding, because you're focusing on the most important areas first. 随着您的进行,每一步都将获取好处并宣布项目成功.

Dual Platform Strategy: Integrating ERP, 世界媒体峰会, 经颅磁刺激, YMS, Legacy Systems into a Digital Supply Chain Network

How to Succeed at 数字转换

One Network通过利用您的遗留系统的网络技术,为数字化转型提供了一个经过验证的蓝图, 并为您提供人工智能控制塔和自主代理等新技术. 它还利用了我们现有的90多个业务网络,000家公司-给你一个巨大的启动你的数字化努力.

One Network帮助您从当前的状态转移到一个新的增长平台、业务和操作系统——一个数字化的供应链网络. We provide a path that is:


So that your entire organization can come along with you

Because your competition is moving fast and so are your markets

Systematic and achievable

You’ll lose the support of your team if it’s pie-in-the-sky, so it needs to be well-grounded and realistic


Because the days of “big bang” IT projects are long gone. Generate value at each step to maintain momentum

Meshes with your priorities and strategies

So those are met as you digitize, making your team successful



How can your supply chain drive real financial improvements, reducing the cost of goods sold (COGS), while improving service levels? 在今天的外包业务中,您的贸易伙伴现在可以实现真正的成本节约. Learn how a real-time demand driven trading partner ecosystem, 使您能够跨计划与贸易伙伴协作, 调度, 和执行流程, 以显著降低销货成本,提高你的财务业绩.


One Network’s 新平台 Transforms Your Supply Chain

One Network is recognized as a leader by Gartner, IDC和Nucleus Research, and is trusted by over 90,000 companies that operate on the NEO platform. 它提供了模块化, 适应性强的行业解决方案,从入站供应到出站订单履行和物流,帮助企业降低成本, 改善服务水平, and run more efficiently with less waste. One Network的PaaS解决方案和开发人员工具使您能够确保每个网络功能都完全符合您的业务需求.

资源 for 数字转换


One Network如何帮助您超越传统的企业思维,实现数字化转型的全部潜力.


Your Business Operating System Needs a Dual Platform Strategy

为什么单个企业的业务操作系统不再工作. 本文阐述了新的网络模式,以及如何快速实现这一模式,扩大企业的竞争优势.



主要的ERP供应商以巨大的成本和风险推动客户进行升级, now is the time to look at the alternative that more powerful, 更便宜,更灵活.



How to Improve COGS Horizontally Across the Supply Chain

如何为你和你的贸易伙伴带来真正的经济价值, and achieve least landed cost, by using a demand driven supply network.


ChainLink Research: Supply Chain Networks Revealed 2019

来自ChainLink Research的一项新研究解释了供应链的新模式,它加速了业务增长和绩效,并将一个网络企业确定为这一技术领域的领导者.


Multiparty Network Platforms

在增强现有技术系统的同时实现快速数字化转型. 近年来, new hyper-敏捷 business processes have sprung up, 以人工智能和实时供需匹配为动力的新商业模式.



这些能力在今天是至关重要的,但是如何实现它们呢? This webinar explains how multi-party collaboration, 规划, 以及通过网络实时执行的交易将把你带入行业4.0 and set you up to compete and win in the “next normal.”