Transportation and Logistics (3PL & 4PL) Supply Chain Solutions

One Network optimizes, 自动化并跟踪整个入站和出站物流生命周期的执行, from order to delivery, for global, multi-modal transportation enterprises.


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End-to-End Solutions for the 3PL and 4PL Industry

通过One Network的物流解决方案,向自主供应链管理迈进一步. 托运人和第三方物流利用ONE实时云平台,快速实现准确的实时信息, optimization, and collaboration across every trading partners and their systems. 凭借ONE Logistics Solution和ONE Network的智能代理和机器学习技术, you’ll improve service levels, broaden your offering, become more valuable to customers, and more tightly integrated into their overall supply chain processes.

One Network optimizes, 自动化并跟踪整个入站和出站物流生命周期的执行, from order to delivery, for a global, multi-modal network with thousands of transportation providers. With One Network’s Logistics Control Tower, 公司可以简化交通和预约安排功能,以推动准时绩效, improve supply chain visibility and predictability, and reduce overall transportation costs.

  One Network成功地使艾伯森公司简化并集中了我们的交通和预约调度功能. We have benefited by reducing labor costs, improving our supply chain predictability and visibility, and reducing overall transportation costs.  

- VP of Transportation, Albertsons

What Can You Expect from One Network’s Logistics Solutions?

One Network’s platform has industry-proven success across manufacturing, retail, CPG, food service, automotive, healthcare, pharmaceutical, high tech, aerospace, 以及政府部门,同时授权物流合作伙伴更好地为客户服务. Customers typically see:

  • 30-50% reduction in premium freight costs
  • 10-40% reduction in overall transportation costs
  • 2-10% increase in equipment utilization
  • 10-30% inventory reduction for operating companies
  • 12-50% reduction in manual planning, scheduling and execution management overhead
  • 3-8% 改善入站送货表现和出站客户服务水平

The One Network Difference

Transportation is the physical movement of supply to demand. 如果运输系统没有与入站供应或出站履行过程集成, then it becomes just another disconnected information silo. One Network eliminates silos, unifies the end-to-end process, and brings unprecedented resilience, efficiency, and shared business benefits to the entire Logistics network of shippers, 3PL’s, carriers, and service providers.

One Database. One User Interface. One MDM System. One Platform. One Version of the Truth. End-to-End. 没有其他解决方案能够在统一技术平台上提供真正的多对多业务网络,该平台专门为实时端到端流程构建.


Intelligent Logistics Resources

One Network's Logistics Control Tower

获得对您的交通网络的端到端可见性、洞察力和控制权. Learn how you can achieve 30-50% reduction in premium freight costs, 10-40% reduction in overall annual transportation costs, 2-10% increase in equipment utilization, and 12-50% reduction in manual planning.


One Network's Logistics Solution

了解ONE的运输管理系统(TMS)和智能物流解决方案如何降低您的货运成本, increase asset utilization, reduce inventory, and optimize and automate your manual planning and execution processes.


One Network's Global Logistics Gateway and Market Maker

One Network的全球物流网关解决方案是一个全球“网络中的网络”. 它将企业连接到一个由贸易伙伴和物流网络组成的庞大数字网络,从而加速企业向数字化转型.


Nucleus Research's Control Tower Value Matrix 2020

从Nucleus Research下载2020年权威的供应链控制塔分析报告. Learn the key capabilities of control towers, including: end-to-end visibility, unified planning and execution, and autonomous agents, that make One Network a leader for the fifth consecutive year.


How to Choose a Control Tower

Supply chain control towers offer powerful benefits. 他们提供有价值的见解和重要的分析,帮助您管理和优化供应链. 发现一个控制塔应该拥有的关键组件,这样你就可以从你的投资中获得最佳价值.


What Every Executive Needs to Know About Control Towers

Why supply chain control towers fail, and why they succeed. Learn the five key elements that a control tower needs to have, if it is to deliver on the promise of real-time visibility, 有效的供应链各方和各层级的优化和协作.


Network Services for Logistics Service Providers